CARISA heating units, towel rails, radiators and decorative accessories are a combination of in-vogue and technological ideas, thanks to the engineering and design team who share all of their inventions with the end user.
CARISA is pleased to present its complete range of pruducts, with a vast variety of radiators and accessories composed of aluminium radiators.
Different models, sizes, and colrs will provide you with endless solutions.


Carisa Radiator is just the thing when you want to step aside from the crowd. No boring conventional piece of heating device on the wall, Carisa is as unique and tasteful, efficient and durable as it gets. At Carisa’s present, the Design Team is a challenge and they never fail to respond with a tour de force of their capabilities …. When no ordinary radiator is good enough for your beloved home A Carisa Bespoke Product will let you stand out from the crowd.