Who’s Mottura
Mottura has been involved in window decoration since 1963, first as a manufacture of wooden pelmets, then as an all-round leading player in the industry, thanks to a technological program constantly in the vanguard (developed over the last twenty years), with a sole objective: to offer industry professionals the most suitable technological solution for every type of application. Technology later transferred, over the course of the past ten years, to technical curtains, certificated by numerous European industrial patents, which have been responsible for making Mottura an internationally renowned force. In parallel with its strictly technological activities, Mottura has also developed the technical-creative side of curtain systems: the Decorative Line, started in the seventies, today covers a range of over a thousand different solutions. Later, at the beginning of the 1990s, as an addition to this strategy, Atelier Mottura was created: the high quality textile division that gives the Mottura brand a significant presence in this important sector.


Mottura is today a company of world renown and is universally recognised as one of the leading Italian industry specialists. We have four European branches and are present in more than 70 countries around the world with a prompt pre- and post-sales service assistance. Our products are often sought by designers and architects that entrust their professional reputations to our systems. We collaborate throughout Europe in prestigious architectural projects that give prestige to our products exalting the quality. We invest constantly to innovate, seeking out exclusive solutions aimed at better service, offering that true added value that distinguishes quality products from the run of the mill. We strive to give our specialists the most suitable means of communication to suggest the best technological solution. Our constant daily commitment is to take paths which prove to be the most difficult, making the satisfaction of our customers our final goal.